Over 17 Years of Dedication to our Town

Susan Starkey works for you! She’s a Leader and has protected our way of life.

It has been an honor to serve you as your District 3 Council member for the Town of Davie. As I walk the neighborhoods, meet people in their homes and talk to people in businesses, I hear a similar theme in what they say: People enjoy living and working in Davie. Just like many of you, my four children, and now three grandchildren and I have enjoyed our schools, community, open space, parks and trails. This is also what encouraged me to run for office in 2001 and now. We were at a crossroads and we could either manage our growth or just allow over development. Since then, we have accomplished a lot together. We have fought off development, saved hundreds of acres for open space, parks and trails and kept our taxes one of the lowest in the county while at all times maintaining the quality of service our residents deserve. With over 35 years of successful experience in both the public and private sectors I will continue to leverage myself as an advocate for issues that matter to all of us. I have continued to be involved in our community as a volunteer, activist and advocate for education, environment and good government.

Trusted Leadership. Proven Results.

What FULL-TIME leadership does for our community

I have supported programs for online access to information, documents, job opportunities, and Town Departments by embracing new technologies in social media as well as access to Davie TV-Comcast Channel 78

Initiated Davie’s “Child Safety Act” to protect children from sexual predators as well as promoting the Human Trafficking Awareness project

Saved hundreds of acres from development for parks, recreation and trails and worked to complete the voter approved Open Space Bond program

Improved Fire and Police safety by adding personnel, equipment and capital projects through a voter approved Fire Safety Bond

An Important message from Susan:

It is an honor for me to serve you. I have not forgotten the people who elected me. I have listened to your concerns. I have not, nor will I sell out to the political special interests that have cost our town thousands of dollars.

I know those same individuals are spreading rumors, lies and misinformation to distort the truth. That may be the tools of their trade, but that is not what we want in Davie. If you care as much about Davie as I do, and are offended by negative campaigning please call me. I will be happy to tell you the truth as I have for the 17 years I have served you.


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2269 S University Drive Suite 101

Davie, FL 33324

Ph: 954-882-0227

Email: Susan@vote4starkey.com

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